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I have this team made up of Pokémon I don't see in competitive battle that much. I do this so I can try and find the best in some Pokemon that you really wouldn't expect. It would help if I could get your opinions on Gligar's defensive capabilities. Thank you!

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2.) Eviolite Gligar isn't too bad in my opinion, I would recommend giving it a test with the Immunity Ability to avoid being Toxic stalled (which would actually backfire in Gliscor's case ;P) there's also the consideration of HP differences and the boosted Special defense stat with lower attack. So, In the long run, Gliscorr is better but Gligar is tollerable, I've witnessed people sweep OU teams with wynaut after all
It's a joke :P And not one I made up, either…

(Wynaut is godlike)
Guys he was only joking XD

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In lower tiers, physically defensive Gligar can be a strong Pokémon. Normal physically defensive set: 333 HP, 339 Def. Compare this to Physically Defensive Gliscor,
(remember, can hold an item) with 354 HP and 330 Def.
All in all, in a lower tier, Gligar can be almost as strong defensively as Gliscor. Note: Gligar Sp D: 168. Gliscor Sp D: 186

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Also note best abilities: Gliscor: Poison Heal; Gligar: Immunity