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On route 222 in Platinum, there's a person who asks for a giant Remoraid. Pokedexes say that Remoraid is 24 inches long, but the person said that my Remoraid was 27 inches long. Why?

Its kind of like the anime where there was a giant Dragonite and Dragonite is supposed to be 7 ft tall. Just a guess
It's like how in the real world people measure animals on the average height of their species. There's always going to be exceptions that are smaller or bigger. Its probably the same with the Pokemon world.
It would be kind of weird if ALL Remoraids were exactly 24 inches
The guy's really Chip from Animal Crossing, here to steal your Remoraids.

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Firstly, the fisherman based the Remoraids length by individual personality, based in between the Remoraids general length like Laughing Leafeons comment states or vise versa having pokedex based on ivs considering personalities early intro during gen2 Gold and Silver.

Simply put, 24 is average length and a 27 inch remoraid is nice and plump sized.
Would be very usefull if there was a fish market in Pokemon.
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