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So, this question started with a story...
A long time ago, I was playing Pokemon Diamond and I came across a Skuntank. I attacked it and it didn't faint, but then it used Memento and died.
The End

So I basically thought "how the heck could that move be useful?"


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It's normally really bad, but if it's used correctly, it's super useful

Just look at one of Pimpnite's epic sweeps

Hope I helped!

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Pimpnite :3

That guy is amazing! :D
Lord Caterpie
The person he fought against was a complete noob that is the only way to make this strategy work
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Its a really bad move, but I can think of two reasons it might be used.

  1. Youre at low health and your Pokémon could die in another hit. Use memento to give the next Pokémon a boost (to help it defeat the opponent)
  2. You don't understand the move.

Basically, it's still a really bad move and not worth wasting a moveslot for.

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Actually, Memento can be a pretty good move on certain Pokemon (ex: Uxie , Dugtrio )
In what way? I could add it in, but i havent seen anything of people saying it was useful for them
@Sapphire Thanks!
@MechSteelix If you have ideas you should answer
You seriously don't know what memento does, do you? It lowers Attack and Special Attack by 2 stages at the cost of your life.
Sorry, i knew what it was but i wrote it incorrectly
By "giving the next Pokémon a boost" i meant that it gives the next Pokémon an advantage
By saying that, that is how you use it strategically, either use it when about to die or use a weak guy with focus sash.