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In platinum, one of my journal entries said, "Met Sunyshore City's Zachery." I don't remember meeting anyone named Zachery. Why is this in my journal?


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Zachery is an Ace Trainer in the Gym of Sunnyshore City.
To help you remember he was the last one before Volkner and he has a Magneton and Electabuzz.
Hop I helped!

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this platinum. they only use electric pokemon.
Sorry, it was the closest person that had the named Zachery. Also, you never said it was in Platinum
"Platinum" is literally the second word in the question XD
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Zachary is an Ace Trainer who you fight when you challenge Sunnyshores Gym. You must of recently of battled him and it appeared in your Journal.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sunyshore_Gym