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Im playing platinum, playing as Dawn, and she throws pokeballs with her left hand??? Im pretty sure Hilda was Right-handed. Who are all the left-handed main protagonists in-game?

Like Lyra, Ethan, Hilda, Hilbert, Rosa, Dawn, May, Brendan... those guys. The protags you play as

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If this gets closed for being low quality i will cry i want to know the left to right handed ratio badly
I feel this would take an unnecessary amount of time to answer as it requires going through all battle animations for every game for something so trivial, no offense though.
If its just the protagonist/playable characters, it won't take that long. Thats only gen 3-8, so 6x2, 12ish character animations. The answer can be like:
Dawn: left
Hilda: right
Ohhhh, only main characters.  Whoops.
I should probably specify lol
Just looking through some of them, I find it odd how some of the animations change between games.  For instance, Red is only left-handed while throwing in B/W :p.

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