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I know Kyogre's preferred nature is Modest but is a Kyogre with Mild or Quiet all right? I keep soft resetting to get a Modest nature one but no luck so far. Should I keep a Kyogre with Mild or Quiet? Or keep trying for a Modest one?


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Well, Primal Kyogre doesn't really need Modest nature(Regular Kyogre does though). I feel that Mild Nature could work for you, since Primal Kyogre has an amazing 150 base Attack, allowing it to run a nice Mixed set with that boost in SAtk. However, if this applies to regular Kyogre, I feel as though Timid is your best bet or Modest if you really want to break teams with Choice Specs.

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Thanks for taking the time to read and answer this. I'll go with Mild since I keep getting that
Haha, no problem. Happy my answer helped you make your choice
I've had to soft reset for hours lol. Now I know what to go with
Dang, that must have been troublesome :/
Very troublesome lol. But thanks to you I won't have to be soft resetting that much anymore. I've had to soft reset 30+ times. Well off I go now
Well good luck with finding the nature you seek, and hopefully it won't take much time either, as that is very boring!