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i thought the ribbons in mauville are the most expensive

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With Poke Dollars: Absurdly Priced Hard Stone @ Route 114 Stone Salesman (150,000 Poke Dollars)

With Battle Points: The Ability Capsule (200 BP)

With Poke Miles: PP Up (1,000 Poke Miles)

With Shards:
1 Red Shard = Fire Stone
1 Green Shard = Leaf Stone
1 Yellow Shard = Thunder Stone
1 Blue Shard = Water Stone

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Actually, the Gorgeous Royal Ribbon at Ritzy Royal Retail in Mauville City is the Most expensive item that can be bought in ORAS with PokeDollar, at 999,999 PokeDollar, Ironically.
That isn't an item though.
I changed it to thing...