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I'd like to know.
How much is it worth?

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Probably this one.
enter image description here
It's a promotional card released only in Japanese, and was awarded to those with a winning entry in the Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest.
Currently, there are only 6 known copies in the world, and only 4 copies have ever been sold. Apparently, it has sold for over $20,000 in the past before. And remember, it would be equivalent to alot more today (inflation, etc.)

Also if you take a look at this site, it shows someone a year ago trying to sell one for $100,000. He got a bid of $47,000 for it apparently, however I'm not sure how much he sold it for in the end.


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Hmmm, so it appears.
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The most expemsive card is the Pokemon illustrator its worth 100,000 according to my source.

Its also REALLY rare! Only 5 cards were given out for the 5 winners in the Pokemon card game illustration contest in japan! They are rumors of a 6th one but no one knows where. One of the cards were put on sale for Ebay for 100,000$. It maybe rare but its not powerfull at all, it does nothing!

enter image description here

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