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Hi All,

I am trying to find out some background information on the card that I have. It's a first edition japenese articuno with a web symbol in the bottom left . All I can find is what is in the question title really!!

As I cant find much history on the card any help would be appreciated.

... what do you want us to find?
Any information apart from the card age and what it is in the title.

- Why was it released?
- Where there many of them released?
- Is it rare and desirable?
- How many were in the set were with it?
- Was there another release of unlimited versions done?
- What was the most desirable card in the set released? Was it articuno?
- Were they in a booster pack or part of something else?
Do you have a picture of it?
https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Articuno_(Wizards_Promo_22) this could potentially help with finding the information you're asking for
@hellfire taco , thanks for that i did come across that but it seems a different promo card and not alot about the card I posted the ebay link for in the previous post

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This source has all the information you could need about the set:
This source has information about the card:

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