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If the Crown is the most expensive hat for our starter in Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu, what's the most expensive shirt?

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Male or female or both?

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Similar to the trainer, partner Pokemon only can only receive shirts, or "Tees" as it is called, part from the clothing sets you get throughout the storyline during the game, so you do not need to spend any money towards Tees.

If you want to see, this is a list of all partner customization

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The question was asking about the outfits for the partner Pokemon.
Well, you can see the question was edited 4 days ago (before your comment). The original question, I'm fairly sure, was for trainers - probably the reason, I'm assuming, why Hellfire Taco didn't comment on my answer at the time. Nonetheless, since it's a NEW question, I can adjust my answer.
Your answer contradicts your source for some reason. The Serebii page lists stuff like bows and glasses that you can buy.
Also, the only thing that the Taco person did is add "what is the" to the title. The description was unchanged. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/revisions/322824 Either way, this answer was posted after the edit, so shouldn't you have seen the current version when you were posting the answer?
Well, the source does show the Tees and mentions that they are all found "in the sets" besides the Team Rocket One which you still get granted as a set
The question asked for the most expensive outfit, not only the most expensive tee.
it literally says "shirt", thus tee (the description is detailed what they want)
So you can completely ignore the title on any question with a description? Why?
Well, the description, as it suggests, is what specifically they want (I see it as a heading and a subheading). If the user wanted the entire outfit and not just the tee alone, then they would comment under my answer.