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In the episode, Oak tells Ash to ask the creator of the Pokedex why Shellder changes so much when it bites onto a Slowpoke's tail making it evolve into Slowbro.
Look at picture:

When this thing:
This thing

bites onto Slowpoke's tail, it turns into the thing on Slowbro's tail:
the thing on Slowbro's tail

People have wondered why this is for years! People probably started wondering about this before the anime came out.
If it weren't for many Pokedex entries on Slowbro:

>The SHELLDER that is latched onto SLOWPOKE's tail is said to feed on the host's left over scraps.

fans wouldn't know that the thing on Slowbro's tail is a Shellder.
What I'm saying is, did the creators of the anime find out about this and put it in the anime as a joke to get fans to wonder more?
So, did the creators of the amie know that people were stumped about this and put it in the anime as a joke?
If this is unclear to you comment on this question and ask for a better explanation, I'm sure that I could explain it better.

More info on EP 66

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You forgot how distorted it gets when it Mega Evolves.

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After 10 years of eating slowbro...
the shellder has finally succeeded
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Maybe shellder evolved to, making him change, or that's all the scraps on top of the shellder, making him looking like that.
You put amie, not anime... Sylveon!
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No idea about this

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Maybe slowpoke have some minerals or something that make shellder evolve into that thing:
enter image description here
And when it mega evolves, the mega stone has the power of mega evolving the unnamed evolved form of shellder, but the Pokemon universe doesn't know about it and we call it mega slowbro even when slowbro doesn't change at all. As you can see, the only change is in shellder.
enter image description here
what a fool are we! please name the second evolution of shellder, gamefreak.

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Thanks! Interesting answer, but it's not quite what i'm looking for.
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Well, this is the way I think it.

It said Shellder helps Slowpoke go on two legs, and Slowpoke, in turn, helps Shellder go on dry land.
And if you know, if the Shellder is lost, Slowbro devolves into Slowpoke.

But look at Shellder. It's small, and only has a tongue. If it evolved like that, Slowpoke could stay in that form for FIVE SECONDS.

But Slowbro's Shellder has fangs, chomping firmly onto Slowbro. I believe...

Shellder transforms so he doesn't lose Slowbro.