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I've looked at some what is a good moveset for __ questions and every once in a while I'll see "sweeper."
I know almost NOTHING about competitive batting... so yeah... what is a sweeper?


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A sweeper is a Pokemon that usually has high speed and either high attack or special attack (sometimes both). Such Pokemon include Archeops, Gengar, Latios or Jolteon.

Most teams tend to have around 2 sweepers. A sweeper's job is to either knock out a few Pokemon that do the rest of your team harm, or to clean up the rest of an opponents team after they have been significantly weakened, hence why it's called a 'sweep'. Since sweeper's rely heavily on a single stat (most of the time), taking out very specific counters, as well as general walls, is vital, especially since most wins are a result of a late-game sweep (though clean sweeps from the start can happen too). This playing to take out specific components of a team to then be able to beat the rest of it is how competitive battling works, on a basic scale.

Sweepers can be branched off into new categories too, such as Glass Cannons, Bulky Sweepers or Revenge Killers. This are a little more specific and require different qualities to work than a generalized sweeper, so are more complicated.

Accidental Torkoal sweep in OU against all odds - Blob

Replay taken from our Archive.

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A sweeper is a Pokemon who efficiently KOs the other team.

You beat me O_O
That isn't necessarily what a Sweeper does...
One Pokemon generally cannot take on a whole team (if it is well built).
In fact, a Sweeper mainly is used to clean up the opponent's team or to knock out 1-3 Pokemon.
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I also know almost nothing about it, but I am 90% sure that sweepers are high in speed and attack or Special attack. For example, my Magikarp is a physical sweeper ( in training ). I would EV train him in Speed and Attack. I call them speed demons, but that is what a sweeper is.
Source: Showdown team building

Hope I helped!

Edit: I am now 100% sure that is a sweeper.