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My Shaymin was in doubles with my Shiny Defensive Mew(omg so rare :o ) so I'm like, well that sux m8. Any reasons how it lived (Gre was Life Orb)

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First of all, I'm guessing your shaymin was land form - since his defense is much higher than sky form's. Here are some other possibilities:
1) Your shaymin's defense/sp. defense could've been maxed out or have a nature that boosts it.
2) Greninja could've had zero sp. attack boost or a nature that lowers it
3) Your team could've raised it's defense/sp. defense or use a move like "light screen"
4) You could've lowered your opponents sp. attack.

Maybe you were just lucky, but who knows. Hope this helped! :)

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Not maxed out def/so def. I was the standard Timid set with HP Water.
No Screens

 Don't have confide or any of that sort
like I said, the opponent's greninja could not of been fully trained or co-operated with (bonds). Therefore, it could of been the opponent's pokemon that was the flaw to the attack. Or - like I said - luck!