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Wingull or Taillow

Which Pokemon to keep in Pokemon Ruby Version


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It totally depends.

We could help you better if you were to tell us the rest of your (future) team, but I'll lay down the facts for both:

Taillow --> Swellow:

  • High speed
  • Decent Attack
  • Can learn Fly
  • Average offensive movepool
  • 3 weaknesses, 2 resistances, and 2 immunities
  • Can not survive hits, but generally out-speeds and KOs the opponent before getting hit.
  • Evolves at level 22

Wingull --> Pelipper:

  • High Defense
  • Great Special Defense
  • Decent Special Attack
  • Can learn Fly and Surf
  • Good defensive movepool.
  • 2 weaknesses (1 of them, Electric, is 4x, though, so keep that in mind), 5 resistances, and 1 immunity
  • Can take a hit (not from electric moves, but generally otherwise it is somewhat bulkier)
  • Evolves at level 25

In conclusion, it all boils down to this:

  • Do you want a Special attacker or a Physical one?
  • Do you have another Pokemon for Surf? (In which case, choose Swellow)

Also, note that while Pelipper has slightly better movesets, it have poor speed, and is more defensive/ support based.

Swellow is an all-out attacker.

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They have the same base stat total at 430, so it's a matter of choice over support or offence.
in gen 3, wingull kind of sucks because all flying attacks were physical.
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In general, I would say Taillow is the better choice. Reasons being:

  • In-game is almost no defense and all offense. Swellow has much better speed than Pelipper (both have same offenses although one is physical and the other is special).
  • Gen 3 games (Ruby included) didn't have the physical-special division yet, and Flying type was considered a physical type. Swellow is physical, meaning it can carry dual Normal / Flying STABs and still deal more damage than Pelipper (as it's only good STAB is water).
  • Swellow gets better moves more early on (including TMs, like Return), while Pelipper would have to work with Water Gun until it gets to level 61 where it learns Hydro Pump (or till Surf HM).
  • There are better Water types available in the game as well, that can Surf instead of Pelipper.
  • Not a major point, but Taillow evolves 3 levels before Wingull.
  • Guts OP against all those status hitters

That's just my thoughts on it. Wingull is by no means a bad choice for in-game, I just feel Taillow is a better option.

Hope I helped!

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I honestly think Taillow would be better, because it's really good when it evolves into Swellow, especially with a Flame Orb/Facade combo.