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If you want a water type on your team I would suggest Walrein. You can use Wingull/Pelipper on your team until then so you have access to Fly
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Tentacruel has a great type combo and could be a good poison setter so I would suggest that
Don't use Koffing. It has much worse attack stats and offensive typing compared to Hariyama.

@Monkey I think Walrein is not worth using. It evolves late and has low speed and just above average special attack.
@Darkz Tentacruel will usually do more damage just by attacking than by using toxic.
Walrein also sweeps Drake's team
I guess Drake is easier in Ruby because his Salamence doesn't know rock slide, but it's still not worth using a Pokemon just for one boss fight.

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Wailord isn't obtainable until after you defeat Norman. It has low defenses and speed, and its attack stats are only slightly above average. It can learn earthquake, but earthquake won't get STAB and is super effective against very few late-game opponents.

Pelipper and Tentacruel are both pretty useful. Wingull learns water gun and wing attack while Tentacool is stuck with cut and acid, but Tentacool learns bubblebeam. Tentacruel has higher physical attack and speed, which makes it better at a mixed attacker (with surf, sludge bomb, and ice beam) in the late game.

If you're okay with using other Pokemon, Sharpedo and Starmie might be better. Sharpedo's special attack isn't the best, but it has high speed and gets STAB when using crunch. Starmie has high special attack and speed and learns thunderbolt. Both crunch and thunderbolt are useful in many late-game boss battles.

Considering the fact that Poison is only super effective against Grass in Ruby (which there aren't very many notable trainers that utilize the type), would STAB Sludge Bomb still be worth it to run on Tentacruel?
Most likely, because unless you have a good Hidden Power typing, it's your best bet for hitting Pokemon that resist Ice Beam and Surf.
Wingull for rain dance storm drain leftovers
Storm drain didn't exist in gen 3, and leftovers is post-game.
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Wingull and wailmer are attacking walls, tentacool is a fast wall, tentacool with a base 80 spatk/70 atk , water and poison stab, plus ice coverage, wailmer is a mixed attacker with base 90 in both atk stats with water stab, ground and ice coverage,
Wingull has base 95 spatk, flying and water stab, with ice coverage.
Wingull has best stab hits decently hard is found at the beginning of the game and learns hms fly and surf, has good defense but average spdef (70) and hp (74) and no speed, wailmer has a ton of hp (170) and that's it, it's found very late, water spout is cool though.
I would say wingull, wingull has best spatk pretty good defense and good spdef and hp tentacool is faster and has really good spdef, so good as well.

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Pelipper's special attack is still pretty low, and it's stuck with water gun as its best move until you get the HM for surf.
Tentacruel has 15 less base spatk than Pelipper
Pelipper's base special attack is 85, not 95.
Tentacruel still has less
5 more special attack isn't enough to compensate for all of Pelipper's flaws.
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All of these are good for a nuzlocke, and still even if your Pokémon don’t die if they faint, it’s still annoying, first Wingull is circumstantial, Drizzle isn’t that good if you picked the fire starter and if you picked the grass one (solar beam is weaker in rain) so we can cross that off, Wailord is bulky so you decide between Tentacruel and it, Tentacruel can rapid spin ,toxic ,toxic spikes ,etc.

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This isn't a nuzlocke and this is Generation 3. Pelipper doesn't have Drizzle yet, Toxic Spikes don't exist yet, Rapid Spin is a very specific and otherwise weak move in-game because most things don't have hazards, Solar Beam isn't weakened in Rain (it functions as normal).