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Question says it all.

I am gonna use gyarados as an hm slave i have bellsprout too
If you're going to get Gyarados, then why do you need Tentacool/Wooper?
To surf over to him
imms use wooper cuz of water stab early on
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You don't need either if you plan to use Gyarados as an HM slave. If you do need a substitute before Gyarados, use Tentacool. Cut is more useful than Flash, and Tentacool is easier to obtain than Wooper.

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But I have bellsprout which learns cut and flash and I needed water type STAB
No you don't. The last major trainer in the game specializing in Fire/Rock/Ground types is Blaine, who is a pushover anyways. Other trainers with such types can be taken out by your other team member, most likely. Surf is the only Water move you need after you get Gyarados.
I have gyarados now,so yeah