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Both Competitively and In-game

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Yes, if you use it correctly.

If the opponent is readying a direct attack, the user of Me First will try to copy it and attack with 50% more power. The move only works if the user is faster than the opponent or otherwise able to move first (for example a Quick Claw activating).
-Pokebase's page on Me First

Me First is pretty good (in my opinion) if you use it when the opponent is readying a strong attack. Take for example Tackle. (Not that it's the strongest attack.) Tackle has 50 base power, if your opponent is readying Tackle, (And it is going does 50 damage) Me First will do 75 damage. But you need a fast Pokemon to use it. Me First will fail if it does not attack first, this also means that moves that always go first cannot be "Me Firsted." So, in my opinion, Me First can be a good move if you use it correctly.

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Well, just about with almost any move, there could be at least one way to use it. Ingame, moves dont really matter as much if you over level your Pokémon.

I dont think its absolutely useless, but its not the best. It would be interesting if you get lucky and copy a dragon's Dragon Pulse or something similar, but there are better strategies in my opinion. Unless you have a bizarre strategy, I dont think there is much reason to use it over other strategies.

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