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Like Aerialate, that make Normal type moves a different type move.


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Normal type moves become flying type.


Normal type moves become fairy type.


Normal type moves become ice type.

However, there are other moves that change a moves ability.

Normalize: Every move you use is the normal type.

Protean: Changes your move to the type of the move you are about the use, whenever you use a move. Because of this you will always get STAB.

Colour Change: Changes your type to the type of the last move you were hit with every time you get hit by a move.

Electrify: If you hit the opponent right before they use their move (so hitting first on that turn), their move will become electric type.

Ion Deluge: Targets the whole field and makes all normal type moves become electric typed.

Weather Ball: Changes type based on the weather. Becomes 2x as powerful when there is weather.
None: Normal
Sunny: Fire
Hailing: Ice
Raining: Snow
Sandstorm-ing: Rock

Judgement + Multitype : Changes type based on what item you are holding:
Normal: No plate
Fire: Flame plate
Water: Splash plate
Grass: Meadow plate
Electric: Zap plate
Ghost: Spooky plate
Steel: Iron plate
Dark: Dread plate
Fairy: Pixie plate
Dragon: Draco plate
Bug: Insect plate
Fighting: Fist plate
Ice: Icicle plate
Flying: Sky plate
Ground: Earth plate
Rock: Stone plate
Psychic: Mind plate


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Pixilate – Turns Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves.
Aerilate – Turns Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves.
Refrigerate – Turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves.
Normalize – Turns all moves into the Normal type.

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