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Anyone know how to get at least near perfect IV torchic? I'm trying to breed a Male and Female Torchic who both have Speed Boost. After the egg hatches, I get them checked out by the judge in Kiloude. I keep getting told that I have good HP, Def, Sp. Def, and Speed. But I'm not able to get Atk or Sp. Atk. I'm trying to get at least Sp. Atk. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Do I have to breed with another Pokemon? If so, what Pokemon can do I have to breed to my desired IVs and still keep Speed Boost ability. Thanks.

Try having a parent hold a power lens if you want guarenteed sp. atk
i might have an extra sitting around in my boxes.  i think i used n's zorua to breed them

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Follow This:

It will take a while to get PERFECT IVs though! You might get a lot of 5 IVs though!