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Linoone VS Banette

Linoone (Normal type Pokemon):
Fury Swipes

Banette (Ghost type Pokemon):
Phantom Force
Shadow Ball
Shadow Sneak

Ghost type moves can't hit Normal type Pokemon and Normal type moves can't hit Ghost type Pokemon. Eventually, the Ghost type Pokemon's Ghost type moves will run out of PP, so will the Normal type Pokemon's Normal type moves. When you run out of PP you will be forced to use Struggle, which is (if I remember correctly) a Normal type move. The Normal type Pokemon still wouldn't be able to damage the Ghost type Pokemon with Struggle, but the Ghost type Pokemon would be able to hit the Normal type Pokemon with Struggle because Normal type moves are neutral on Normal type Pokemon. What I want to know is without giving the Pokemon any items, abilities, changing their moves, etcetera could the Normal type Pokemon win?


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Struggle is a typeless move. It was normal in 1st gen but they changed it to be able to hit ghost types. So in the end, it depends on how much damage Struggle would deal to the other Pokemon. However, Struggle has set recoil damage that does half of the damage dealt to the opponent. It would require luck for either Pokemon to win the battle.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Struggle_(move)

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Oh duhhhhh
I found that Struggle can also get a critical hit. That also requires luck. Most battles don't last that long though,so it doesn't matter too much
Recoil does 25% regardless of damage, I just saw it in a replay.