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I'm at Goldenrod City in my HeartGold Nuzlocke playthrough. I already bought (and lost ;~:) an Ekans from the Game Corner, and I want to nab as many free Pokémon as possible. I know you can get an Eevee from Bill and a Spearow in Goldenrod (Proof!), but I have looked everywhere and talked to everyone. No Eevee, and no Spearow. So I guess I have two questions:

1 – Where is Bill?

2 – How do I get the free Spearow?


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>Webster gives the player his Spearow named Kenya holding a mail, and asks him or her to deliver it to his friend on Route 31. As a gesture of thanks, he will give the player a HP Up. Once the mail has been delivered, Webster's friend will hand out TM50 (Nightmare) in Generation II or TM44 (Rest) in Generation IV. It does not matter which Pokémon is given to Webster's friend, just that the mail is delivered.

You get the Spearow from Webster, a guard at the gate between Goldenrod City and Route 35. If you return the Spearow you will get an HP up. (As said above) However, you do not have to return the Spearow. (I would suggest you use it until it dies, then return it, because you are doing a Nuzlocke, you will have no use for it once it dies.)

As for your Bill question, Bill's house is located near the south entrance to the Goldenrod Underground. (You must have met him in Ecruteak City first.)

Hope I helped!


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When does Bill get back from Euketryk City?
Have you visited the Pokemon center in ecruteak city yet?
No, I just got to Goldenrod.
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forgot ecruteak is after goldenrod, havent played HG in so long
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Bill is at his parents' house in Goldenrod City


By the gate north of Goldenrod, there is someone who asks you to deliver mail to his friend. You get the spearow, but if you do deliver it they take the spearow away.