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Does Kenya have better stats than a normal spearow? Is it worth shinyhunting?

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Who is Kenya the Spearow?

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First of all, in Gen 2 (since the question is tagged with Crystal), shininess is based off of the Pokémon’s IVs, so its stats don’t matter, since it either has fixed IVs, and cannot be hunted, or has random IVs, can be hunted, but will be exactly like hunting Spearow via wild encounters stat-wise. Honestly, if it is huntable, the novelty of having this particular Spearow as a shiny is enough to justify the hunt, especially if Spearow is a Pokémon you would hunt either way.
If you’re set on hunting it, just make sure you check its stats the first few resets and make sure it isn’t identical each time, because if it is, then its IVs are set, making it effectively shinylocked.

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