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I remember I did in the original Gold version by having another much lower leveled Pokemon holding the mail. Does it work in HG/SS?


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Yes, You Can Keep The Stupid Bird. You Just Dont Give it Back. You Steal It and Cant get rid of the mail or put it in the pc, without giving it away. I Myself Kept It For A While:) Unfortunatly, you can't get the TM if you keep it.

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Can you still have it so that you get the TM still?
Unfortunatley no, and you cant take it off your team either, as its holding mail, which cant be moved.
KENYA'S SO EPIC, THOUGH. Who would wanna give her away? =D
You CAN  get rid of the mail. Just select the bird, and there will be an option that says mail. press it, and then you can get rid of it.
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Give mail to hold ANY other Pokémon - you will lose ONLY mail and keep all the Pokémon.

This is correct. Give it to any Pokémon except Kenya (the mail gets in the PC when you take the item from Kenya), and you get to keep the Pokémon.