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The moves Gyro Ball and Electro Ball depend on the Pokemon being slower, or faster, depending on the move, but there is no point to a Pokémon that can abuse theses moves with their speed stat, if their Attack/Sp. Att. are not up to pace, and vice versa. So who (disregarding ALL other factors) is best suited to each move mathematically?

Their base powers depend on their target's speed. For example, physical attack is more important when using gyro ball on faster opponents, and speed is more important when using gyro ball on slower opponents. I don't think you can get any good answers if you completely disregard the target's speed.

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For Gyro Ball:

Ferrothorn would be a good fit, but I would also recommend Mega-Steelix. Mega-Steelix is faster but also has higher attack stat than Ferrothorn.
Ferrothorn: Attack -- 94 and Speed -- 20
Mega-Steelix: Attack -- 125 and Speed -- 30

For Electro Ball:

I would suggest Electrode or Mega-Manectric. Electrode has god speed (literally) with 140 and Special Attack of 80 (pretty good). Mega-Manectric has god speed AND god Special Attack with both being 135. The only problem with Mega-Manectric is that it can only learn Electro Ball by breeding. If you're okay with breeding and have the time, DEFINITELY use Mega-Manectric. If not, Electrode is also really good. Hope this helped.

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breeding is easy, and I saw Manectric while looking around at Electro Ball: yikes! Gyro Ball had me a bit stumped so I'll try that. Thanks
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Well, maybe you could add stakataka now?
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Gyro Ball:

Ferrothorn, hands down. I admit, there might be others, but it actually has decent Attack, and that God-awful speed stat makes Gyro Ball powered up to insane levels.

Electro Ball:

Electivire is a good Pokemon for this move.

It has a better Attack than its Special Attack, but here me out:

With its ability, Motor Drive, and general Decent defenses and speed, Electivire can switch in to an Electric move, and then actually use Electro Ball quite well, thanks to its Spee boost.

These are the two that came first to my mind, will edit others later, as I think of them, and do a bit more of research.

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Gyro Ball answer for USUM:

If you're playing USUM, you should really use a Stakataka with Gyro Ball. The speed stat on Stakataka is even worse than Ferrothorn (Ferrothorn is 20 and Stakataka is a horrible awful stat of 13 which makes it godly). Plus, a Legendary Attack stat of 131. It only learns Gyro Ball by TM though but it's worth it.

Electro Ball:

A properly EV trained Mega Manectric is a great speedy sweeper for your team. Even without a Mega, it would still be near legendarily. Lightning Rod ability and a Pokemon with any Electric Attack (preferably Discharge) for double battles to boost Special Attack and Special Attack, Speed, and Special Defence EV trained, you got yourself a godly sweeper! Electro ball is learned by breeding but I think it's worth it.