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I'm trying to find a Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile that knows both Seed Bomb and Iron Tail on my Pokemon Y game. Much to my annoyance and inconvenience, they can only be tutored the moves in Pokemon ORAS. Is it possible to trade with someone who has a such a Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile in their Pokemon ORAS game to my Pokemon Y? Or is it possible at all, to have a Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile that knows both Seed Bomb and Iron Tail in Pokemon XY? What I mean is, even if I were to obtain a Treecko or one of its evolutions via trade, could I then be able to breed it to hatch a Treecko egg to get one that knows both moves?

Also, I've been trying to get a Meowth/Persian that can learn Charge Beam, but it seems that neither are able to learn it. Is that correct? If it is, than it is a shame because its Technician ability would've really complimented it. Oh well.

You can trade anything except stuff introduced in ORAS, like Dragon Ascent Ray or Blue Orb, into XY. Everything else shouldn't be a problem though.

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You can trade between ORAS and XY, but only after you get the PSS functionaility on both games (which I assume you have). You cannot trade any new Mega Evoluntions that have been introduced in ORAS however, so no Mega Sceptile in XY. So tutor those move in ORAS and trade them over to your Y for that dream Treecko of yours.

As for the breeding question, Treecko's egg moves do not contain either Seed Bomb or Iron Tail, as seen here. So you cant breed to get the moves.

Persian and Meowth cannot learn Charge Beam.

1) Thank you for your reply. 2) I do. 3) If I wanted to hatch a Treecko with the moves in my Pokemon Y game, I guess my only option would be to transfer it from Pokemon ORAS via Pokemon Bank, correct? Wait, is it possible to transfer a Egg via Pokemon Bank? 4) I was disappointed upon learning that neither Meowth nor Persian were able to learn Charge Beam.
If you have 2 3DS's, you can just trade. But no, eggs cannot be placed in the Bank.
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Yes, you can trade any Pokemon between X/Y and ORAS no matter what moves your Pokemon knows.
Hope I helped!
Knowledge and me being a Sceptile.

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