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Say I have a Technician Scizor that uses Acrobatics. It has no held item. Now what would go first: the 50% boost from Technician, or the double Acrobatics power. If the power is doubled first then Technician won't work but if Technician goes first then the total power of Acrobatics would be:

(55x1.5)x2= 165

P.S. This would make it equivalent to Flying Gem Acrobatics right?


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Nope. Techinician doesn't affect it.

Found nothing on Bulbapedia, so I decided to test it myself.

No item: 40% Damage.

With Leftovers: 30% Damage.

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Tried it with the Flying Gem as well. PS! promptly declared the following:

>Your team was rejected for the following reasons:
- Scizor's item Flying Gem is unreleased.

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I tried it too. Got rejected uhhhhh.
Smeargle won't work either.