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I have a swellow and am wondering what the power of facade is.

So guts+STAB+burn.

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Oh my...

Like like like.....

you think that's good, give that move/combo to Ursaring: highest attack stat for normal Pokémon that can have guts: 130 versus Swellow's 85
Ursaring does have higher attack ,but swellow is faster and takes normal damage from fighting type moves like mach punch. Although swellows defense isn't the best.
I have been testing swellow and have found out it takes alot of work to keep it alive even 1 turn.

So bad defeance.

But ursering does have the priorty problem.
I'm pretty sure it isn't that hard to keep it alive 1 turn. -_-

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70 (Facade's base power) x 1.5 (Guts boost) x 1.5 (STAB) x 2 (Facade double power) = 315 base power.

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