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What is the strongest hit possible not counting STAB and super effective?


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here it is ...


now because you just need to click the link to get all the info you need ( and because I'm lazy )
im not gonna go in too much detail here. I'm just gonna say ( in case your even lazyer than me at a point you dont even feel like clicking the link ) ,stored power get more powerful the more the user stats is increase so if all of the Pokemon stats is increased to the max the higest base power you can get is 860. but as far as my knowledge go you would need to batonpass some stats increase on the Pokemon who use stored power cause no Pokemon can increase is stats that much by itself and also use stored power ,i think you would even need two diferent batonpasser to do so but as I said I'm lazy so I didnt do the search/calcul to confirme it . but bottom line stored power is the move with the higest base power possible .if you need more info click the link and read the rest by yourself I'm gonna lay down on my couch now ) ...

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Spit up
it can do 300 damage but first you have to use stockpile three times
it can do 200 damage but first you have to use stockpile two times
it can do 100 damage but first you have to use stockpile one time

Stored Power is stronger Bro :) Although a lot harder to achieve :P