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Okay… so I'm horde training my Shroomish, Buneary and Elekid on wild Zigzagoon to get Speed EVs. Elekid is holding a Power Anklet (boosts Speed EVs). Buneary is holding a Macho Brace (doubles EVs gained). Shroomish is holding a Power Bracer (boosts Attack EVs) for when I train later.

When I check on Super Training to see how they're growing, Buneary and Elekid are both growing in Speed. Shroomish, however, is getting Attack EVs. The only thing I can think of is that the Power Bracer is converting the Speed EVs into Attack EVs.

Is this the case? I've never read up on it before.

EDIT: Just tried this with my Hondege holding a Power Lens. The EVs were split between Sp. Attack and Speed!

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Not exactly

See, how it works is for each Pokemon you defeat, you gain 4 EVs. So it will gain 20 EVs per horde. So essentially, for every Pokemon you beat, you get 4 EVs respective to which power item the Pokemon is holding. And if you use Pokerus, it would only take 5 moves against the needed horde to complete that specific EV (that is only if the Pokemon yields 2 EVs per designated stat though). Hope this clears things up for you!

Hope this helps!

No, I mean the Power item is literally dividing the EV distribution. Landorus up front Earthquakes a bunch of Zigzagoon. Shroomish in the back gets the EVs via Exp Share. But unlike Buneary, who is not holding a Power item, Shroomish is getting mostly Attack EVs and a few Speed EVs, but not all Attack or all Speed.
I know. That's because it gets 4 EVs per Pokemon making it get 20 attack EVs but only 5 speed EVs because you only beat 5 Zigzagoons. Get it?
Ah, I see.