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ok so I am asking at what level a individual value effects a Pokemon.
for example, there is a level 40 suicune with the individual value in hp of 30 and an personality value value in attack of 3
suicunes stats at level 40 are:
attack, 58
defence, 97
sp,atck 84
sp, def, 97
speed, 73
assuming the wild suicune has a non-stat changing nature, and has ivs only in the hp and attack.
would this Pokemons stats then be.
hp, 160
or would it be different because of the suicune not being level one hundred, if so; can you tell me the iv stats gained on each level and also some good reasoning and a link if possible.
p.s, I cannot think of a good title for this question, if you can think of a better one, please comment below.
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I think you've confused IVs, PVs and EVs. Just to be clear:
IVs = Individual Values, numbers for each stat ranging from 0 to 31 that are equivalent to 1 stat point at level 100.
PVs = Personality Values, which are extremely complex integer codes that determine Shiny Pokemon, among other things.
EVs = Effort Values, points Pokemon gain in their stats for beating Pokemon. At level 100, 4 EVs = 1 stat point. A Pokemon can have a maximum of 510 EVs and a maximum of 252 in one stat.
huh,i got confused between gen 1&2 and gen 3 & up, ill look all that up and edit my question, thank you

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There is no specific level and it will be impossible to determine. Every time your Pokemon levels up, all it's stats increase a certain amount. By the time your Pokemon reaches Lv 100, all of its EVs and IVs will be included in it's stats. Don't make life complicated. Hope I helped.

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thank you, it sucks that the iv stat increase is not specific amount, so the only way i can tell which pokemon has better stats is if i get them to level 100, right?
also, so your saying ivs gain effect at a random point, say a pokemon has one attack iv, that iv could be included at lv 20 or 59 (any level). or are you saying they gain effect at a specific level depending on the iv value. still dont understand one hundred percent
If a Pokemon has 1 Attack IV, I think it will already be added at the early levels. The formulae in the game, are programmed to slowly increase the stats as the Pokemon level up, they work out the total, and then they randomly add stat points at every level gain. By Lv 100, all of them are done. Why don't you go and ask one of the programmers of GameFreak or something.
good idea Luke777! question is, would Nintendo answer that question? i have been writing to them lately.