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CHINGLING is one of the last Pokemon in my Hoenn Pokedex and I have a Chimecho.


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Simple. You put a Ditto and a Chimecho in the Pokémon Daycare. Your Chimecho must be holding a Pure Incense. After a while, the Daycare man will call you/ talk to you (not certain how it works in ORAS) and he will give you an Egg. Walk around with the egg for a while, and it will hatch into your Chingling. You can take your Ditto and Chimecho out of the Daycare when you get the Egg if you want no more Eggs.

EDIT: Yes this would work with a Jigglypuff, when you breed it, you will get an Igglybuff. However, you do not need an Incense. For a full list of baby Pokémon that need Incenses, and all else related to Breeding, visit this page.

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Hope I helped!

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