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Before I start to shiny hunt : I've got shiny genned Ditto from wonder trade. Game says ''it's Japanese'' ,but hacker who send me this genned ditto ,is from America . Sooo...it is still compatible with Masuda method? I want legal shines, I never use genned shines to battling

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As long as both parents are not from the same language it will work
okay, thanks
There are Trade Pokémon from DPPT that incorrectly register as foreign Pokémon, but due to being generated on English save files, don’t trigger Matsuda method anyways. How do you know this isn’t also true for the hacked Pokémon? :P

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It depends on the language of the Pokémon. If you check the summary of the Pokémon there should be a sign where is says JPN or at least the name should be in Japanese as an indicator of if the Pokémon is Japanese or not.

If the Pokémon is from another language than the one of the game save file you are using, then it’ll work for the Masuda method.

Yea,  my ditto has that "JPN" sign and it's name is japanese. Thanks for the answear. Tbh I trought this method will only work for ""pure"" foreign mons