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Chingling is one of the last Pokemon in my Hoenn Pokedex and I have a Chimecho from trade.

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You don't
Sorry guys i meant chingling.

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The Pokemon you breed with Ditto will always be the Pokemon that you breed other than Ditto.
So, no you cannot breed a Chimecho to get Chinchou because Chinchou and Chimecho are in no way related, to get a Chinchou from breeding someting with a Ditto you must breed Lanturn with a Ditto


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How to breed Pokemon:

Step 1: Take both Pokemon and go to a daycare centre. In ORAS, they are to the west of Mauville City and in the Battle Resort. Make sure that when you breed, the two Pokemon are of compatible egg groups (you can check on a site like this) and are of opposite genders, or that one Pokemon is a ditto. For this particular breeding project, youll need one of the Pokemon to hold a Pure Incense.
I personally prefer the Battle Resort, as it has a nifty secret trick that I will explain in a bit.

Step 2: Go inside and drop them off by talking to the old lady/young girl. Remember that when you pick te, up, however, you'll need to pay money unless they are lv100.

Step 3: Cycle around outside (you can also walk or run, but it's much slower). In the Battle Resort, there is a magical spot where you can just hold the up button, and because of camera angle changes and certain objects, youll go in a circle automatically. Its hard to explain, but surely there are some youtube guides online.

Step 4: After a few hundred steps have been taken (it sounds like a lot, but really isn't), return to the daycare. Outside, you will notice an old man/a young boy. Talk to him. If he gives you an egg, proceed to the next step. If not, repeat the last step.

Step 5: Cycle (or walk/run if you like a challenge) around AGAIN. After
6630 - 6884 steps your egg will hatch. Congrats! You now have a Chingling.

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