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My Staraptor has pretty good defense and is a shear attacker so Reckless would be better for it(With Brave Bird and Double Edge).
But an intimidate would help me weaken physical attackers as my whole team is more on offense(Currently don't have a Will-O-Wisper).
So should I go on with my intimidate staraptor or get a new reckless one?

Current set
Raptor(Staraptor) @ Life Orb
Brave Bird
Double Edge
Close Combat

AND I know that Return would be preferred instead of Double Edge, I am having a happiness problem with it somehow so please don't indicate that for now.


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Reckless all the way

Brave Bird and Double Edge are both boosted by Reckless, and they're both STAB too, so you can make a huge dent in your opponent. No calcs are needed cause this thing is too powerful. And if you want even more power, try giving it a choice band to OHKO (at least 2HKO) pretty much everything your opponent throws at you.

Hope I helped!