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Let's say I have as Staraptor with U-turn and I am facing off a Metagross with Pursuit.(WIFI battle)
No Trick room and I am Outspeeding it. We use our U-Turn and Pursuit.
I have Stealth rocks on my side. And Staraptor is my second last Pokemon and the last one is at lets say 1 HP.His Metagross is his last Pokemon.So it will obviously die to the stealth rocks. Staraptor and Metagross are also at very low HP. So each of their attacks will kill each other.
What will happen?

In this line " So it will obviously die to the stealth rocks. "  'it' refers to my last Pokemon.

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As you can see in the test above, where Staraptor is faster, in the case that Staraptor uses U-turn and Metagross Pursuit, Pursuit will hit its target before it switches out, but not before U-turn is used.
So in your situation, Staraptor will use U-turn before Metagross and knock it out.