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So I was wondering on what skill should I use for my Gliscor...

Depends on the rest of your team.
Is this in-game?

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From what I've seen, definitely X-Scissor. Most sets I see have moves like Hone claws or other stat raising moves. Also, if you would, I would replace X-Scissor with Ice/Fire Fang, since they can leave an opponent with a status, and they both are great for coverage.
Ability: Poison Heal
- Roost
- X-Scissor, Poison Tail or Ice/Fire Fang
- Hone Claws
- Earthquake

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Thank you! I was wondering for a moveset too...Can you help me about that?
[MG]Darkrai I provided the moveset
What's the point in using hone claws if it can learn swords dance?
sumwun it can increase accuarcy
If you actually care to do the math, the accuracy gets increased only for the fang moves, so the expected values for the important moves (earthquake) only goes up by 3/2, and the moves that do get boosted have their expected values multiplied by 3/2*20/19, which is 30/19. With swords dance, the power of every attack doubles. Also, what's the point in using poison tail if it can learn poison jab?
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Its basically staying ahead of your enemy in a battle. With moves like U-turn, Volt Switch, and Baton Pass you get the chance to check out what your opponent is doing, then switch to the appropriate Pokemon to handle the situation.
For example, I'm in a battle and my opponent hard switches their Pokemon out against mine the turn I decide to use U-turn. I currently have out Bug type Pokemon and they switch in a Fire type Pokemon. Since I used U-turn I now have the opportunity to switch into a Pokemon of my own who can handle the Fire type better. Now instead of them having the advantage over me I have it over them giving me a better chance to win the battle.

If you have to choose from one of them, use u-turn. If you want a moveset, it would really depend on the rest of the team.