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Flame Thrower
Super Power
Flare Blitz

Foul Play
Earth Quake

Bug Buzz
Rain Dance

Air Slash
Sky Attack
Shadow Ball

Power Whip
Flash Cannon
Sunny Day

Giga Impact
Hone Claws


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Well then, I'm not even going to be close to positive. Not in my nature to do so. You have a multitude of problems, among them being a need to include EVs, Natures, and Abilities so that possile strategies can we worked out more easily. First off, let's look at that poor excuse Emboar. Never should a Pokemon have three moves of the same type. Replace Flamethrower and Overheat with Wild Charge and Head Smash. Hammer Arm is better on him than Superpower I say. Krookodile, get rid of Dig for Stone Edge and Foul Play for Dragon Tail for the exact reasons as you got rid of moves on Emboar. Galvantula does not need Rain Dance to make Thunder accurate due to Compoundeyes, so replace it for something else, if you start over and breed a new one get the new 100% accurate Disable and if you keep this one give it Gastro Acid to annoy the hell out of things like Serperior. Will would be spinning in his grave to see that Siglyph if he were dead. Give it the much better Psyshock to replace Psychic and replace Sky Attack with either Ice Beam or Calm Mind (Calm Mind only if it has Magic Guard as its ability). That Ferrothorn is horrible. Give it Power Whip, Gyro Ball, Thunder Wave, and Curse. And finally, that awful Haxorus. It needs to have Outrage, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, and Rock Slide. Now for items:

Emboar: Life Orb
Krookodile: Leftovers
Galvantula: Focus Sash
Siglyph: Life Orb
Ferrothorn: Rugged Helmet
Haxorus: Life Orb

I like the way you were so nice about it :)
He's just the sweetest guy, isn't he? :P
*is dead and spinning in grave*
You want nice, you don't get anywhere. Once you are there, then you get nice. Yeah, quote me on that if you want. And Will, say hi to Raptor for me. Since you're both alive and all...
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Wish I could be as positive as excadrill, but you have a few problems.

not big ones though, don't worry.

               On krookodile, dig AND earthquake aren't really necesarry. just use earthquake.

In place, I would put a rock or dragon move. eventually krookodile learns outrage, or in challengers cave you can find the tm for stone edge.

and on sigilyph I wouldn't take shadow ball and sky attack out and put in reflect and light screen ( you would be surprised how well they work ) and after that your pretty much good, if you edited in natures, and held items it would be easier to give good advice, and I would also like to point out that wild charge gives very good coverage on emboar, but besides that, you did a great job.

Thanks for the positive part
You were postitive, there were just a few things that could have been improved, but he did have a good solid team
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I think you have a well rounded team. I would suggest a dragon fang for haxorus and maybe a soft sand for krookodile. Other than that you have an excellent team with a good variety of moves.