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I am trying to get all the rare Pokemon possible in ORAS but I just can not find reshiram, can someone help me?

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You find Reshiram in ORAS by flying around on Latios ( Since you can only get This Pokemon in Omega Ruby) by using the eon flute, with a level 100 Pokemon on your team, then there should be a red mark in the air near Mauville City, which is called fabled cave, where Reshiram is. You can then fight it and catch it there.

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After you have beaten Reshiram what day does Reshiram reappear?
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You find Reshiram while flying with Latios/Latias using the Eon Flute, and having a level 100 Pokèmon in your party. This also goes with Zekrom, but Zekrom being in AS and Reshiram in OR.

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A good reference for all legionaries in oras including Reshiram
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A video with all the legendary Pokemon locations in ORAS, including zekrom/reshiram

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