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Could somebody please help me to decide who to put on my competitive double team? Thank you

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Normally I would need your whole team, but I think it's safe to say that Amoongus outclasses Vileplume anyday.
Although Vileplume has better Defences, Amoongus has a great HP stat, a useful Ability in Regenerator and a wider movepool, with useful support moves such as Spore, Rage Powder, Clear Smog etc.
One advantage Vileplume has over Amoongus is Aromatherapy, but given the fast pace of doubles, there's not much room for stalling, but it can be useful to get rid of annoying burns on your sweepers.

In the end, I stick to Amoongus, as it has a much better movepool than Vileplume, and is generally more useful in doubles.

I also agree to the movepool, and better use of STAB moves with a connection to attacking and supporting moves. Vileplume does have more attack, but it seems the Amoongus has a better average of his stats.
Thank you I'm just starting a double team that is why I didn't post a team.
Amoonguss is head and shoulders above Vileplume, yes. But you might want to add special emphasis on Rage Powder because it's the move that defines Amoonguss today. Js