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For my HeartGold Vileplume it knows cut, but I was thinking this for it's final move set:
Giga Drain
Petal Dance
Solar Beam
But I need a Pokemon in-game for cut? I want to use this Vileplume both in-game & in competitive battling after I beat the game. Should a find another Pokemon for cut (I'm thinking of the Sandsherw I'll never use) or delete a move in this move set for cut.

Use an HM slave for Cut. It really isn't worth putting Cut into one of your Party Pokemon's moveset, really.

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Well for in-game it doesn't really matter, but honestly the moveset you listed is isn't very good. It has all grass type moves, and this very limited coverage. I would say replace Solarbeam for Cut, and at the end of the game replace it for a strong TM.

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Thanks!^_^ Any regimentations for the TM?
I would agree with Raven,i mploring a more diverse move set. Being that Vileplume has a split nature of poison and grass I would equip it with an accurate poison attack. The most common tm would be sludge bomb. Also if your planning on utilizing vileplume during pvp matches I would def attach a power herb as a hold item. Charging solar beam could cost you the match.