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I see good movesets on Pokemons and I see one move that says "Boil Over" And I don't know what that means.. It isn't a move nor Soft Boil soooooo help

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It is actually Scald.
When Black and White came out in Japan, they also had "English versions" for people that speak English. Keep in mind that this was in 2010. Certain moves and abilities had different names, like Boil Over(Scald), Acrobat(Acrobatics), and Mischevious Heart(Prankster). Then Nintendo change the moves names to their current ones respectively. Then a little after Black and White was released to the rest of the world the moves were as they are now.

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I think it might be referring to the move Scald. Scald is a water type move that has a good 30% chance to inflict a burn. Perhaps the japanese name was differently translated, so before they released the english name people started posting movesets with the new move.

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