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There is an event to get Diancie from July 24th to 27th. I know how to receive event Pokemon through Mystery Gift, but is it the same for this? Do I just go into Mystery Gift, and say that I want to receive it through Internet? Just confirming.


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Through the way I'm understanding what you have said, yes, that is the way, but I'll give a guide just in case I'm not understanding what you have said correctly.

Step One:
when you start up your game, DO NOT go onto your save file, instead, select "Mystery Gift."

Step Two:
Select the way you need to receive your Pokemon, in this case, select "Receive Via Internet." (Or something like that.)

Step 3:
After receiving your Pokemon, start up your game and got to any Pokemon center, make sure you have an empty slot in your party. Once you have an empty slot in your party, talk the the delivery girl, she should give you your Pokemon.

Hope this helps!

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