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I have Pokemon x and am trying to make it mega evolve

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What are you asking its very unclear were is its mega stone were you get the mon idk what your asking

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Give it the Gyaradosite Mega Stone and press the mega evolution button at the bottom of the move screen when you send it out. If you want to know where the Gyaradosite is in X, it's up the stairs in the South-East of Couriway Town. Also you need to battle your rival in Kiloude City, then go to Anistar City. When you speak to Professor Sycamore, you can now get certain Mega Stones at 8:00-9:00pm everyday. In ORAS, you have to pet the Poochyena in the Go Fish hut on route 123. If this is not clear, go look it up on Bulbapedia.

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Is there anything special you need to do with that Poochyena? I remember interacting with it but I got nothing.
I believe you have to interact with it and it will spit the gyaradosite out of it's mouth for you to pick up.
It worked the second time i tried. I think the first time was before i beat the E4, so that was probably it.