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My Favorite type is dragon and half of my team is a dragon type so Fairy types are a problem. So I have Bisharp And Scizor both great counters to Fairy types both with Iron Head.Heres my Team

Garchomp Mega :Slow Sweeper
Absol Mega(Back Up):Anti Setup
Noivern:Fast Special
Lucario:Fast Attacker
Haxouros:Dragon Dance Attacker

Thanks for your opinion


Personally I'd go with Scizor because of Tech Punch and that I haven't seen too many fairies carry fire type moves. Bisharp is weak to fighting moves like Brick Break and Superpower and I'm pretty sure it doesn't get Bullet punch.

In truth test both of them out, who knows? Maybe Bisharp will be your ace in the hole.

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Scizor > Bisharp



  • STAB Iron Head
  • Access to reliable recovery - Roost
  • STAB Technician boosted Bullet Punch
  • Resists Fairy-moves
  • Lesser weaknesses


  • Slightly lesser Speed -- Fixed by Priority



  • Better Speed
  • More resistances
  • STAB Sucker Punch


  • Normal damage from Fairy type moves
  • Sucker Punch isn't exactly the best move for a (faster) fairy
  • Weak to Mach Punch
  • 2 more weaknesses than Scizor

All that summed up, I think Scizor wins out. Added bonus if you can mega-evolve, but works wonder with a Choice Band too. Or try Life Orb with Roost support.

Finally, though, the choice is yours. You can try out both to see how you play with either of them. Chances are, you'll get to see how the synergy between your Pokemon will work out, and you can probably come up with a new strategy!

Thanks  I will try both and see how they do!
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I would personally take neither Scizor nor Bisharp. If I were you I'd take someone like Mawile (I would scrap Mega-Absol and take Mega-Mawile instead). But if you really want either Scizor or Bisharp I would take Scizor;
fairy-type attacks are not very effective on Scizor, but Bisharp is dark, so fairy-type attacks are regularly effective on Bisharp.