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I'm IV breeding for a 6IV Piplup and I just wanted to know if it was possible, if at all, to get one in a Net Ball, or any other Poke Ball other than the standard red and white?

*By the way, I forgot to include that the game I'm doing this on is ORAS, for clarification.

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Much to my disappiontment, it is apparently just not possible to get a Piplup in a Net Ball. However, to everyone who replied, thank you for your responses. I just wish we had the option to further customize Pokemon teams through personally customizable Poke Balls as well. Maybe, someday we will in possible future games, along side more trainer customization options.

On another note, does anyone know how to hatch a Piplup with 6 IVs? The most I keep getting are 5 IVs. Would giving both parents Destiny Knots (if I had another in ORAS), have any effect?
No, the best thing you can do is have 5IV piplup+6IV something else (ditto is recommended).
On average itll take about 30 eggs (about one box), so just keep breeding! Also, if you arent running a mixed set you can just not have the perfect IV for the stat you arent using. Its better to give one parent the destiny knot and the other something like everstone to have a good nature.
There is a global link event in which a catchable Piplup was distributed, and you can catch in a Net Ball at Entree Forest. It was available on BW and BW2 platforms. Even if you were to have someone hack it into the game, it would be 100% legal (aside from it's methods).

 Unfortunately, it is male and it's ball cannot be bred. So Net Ball Piplup is available in ORAS, but it cannot be bred with the same ball.
I thought Global Link Pokemon could only be caught in a dream ball
Some could be caught in Entree Forest (Dream Link or something). There are particular events that allow catching of pokemon.
^ Basically.

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Yes, as of X and Y if the mother is caught in any pokeball (besides the master ball of course) other than a standard one, the resulting offspring will be in that pokeball. So a mother in a dusk ball will always have her offspring hatch in a dusk ball.

I guess I should add in the fact that it is possible to get piplup in a net ball in the game, just not legal.(credit to the comments for pointing that out)
Source (Yes I know this says X and Y but they have the same breeding mechanics of ORAS)

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You can't catch piplup in gen 4, it's given to you as your starter
Nvm, what I thought was an encounter was actually a gift
Even if it was an encounter, you wouldn't have net balls that early in the game.
You could go back to it later
Why are we having an argument about something that technically doesn't exist?