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Guys I am really onto breeding and I have hatched like maybe 100 or more eggs (deino).Now I have over 40 deinos each with 5IVs .So can I get a 6IV deino through breeding or not?please need help.

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Yes it's possible. If you pair two of your 5 IV Deino together, with any luck, you'll eventually get one with 6.
By the way, depending on what set you plan to run, you might not want to use any physical moves. In that case, it's better to have a lower Attack IV so confusion deals less damage. You may already have a Deino with imperfect Attack IVs, which would be perfectly fine to start training.
Ya fizz I did the same and now I have a deino with perfect 5IVs and I don have 31 on attack IV and you won't believe that I hatched 100 eggs just to get this perfect IV distribution.I don't want a perfect IV for attack anyway.I just wanted to know if 6IV was possible,so I asked that's all.thanks anyway. And fizz I did not have a deino with low attack IV.All 40 of em had max attack IV.see I was so unlucky.I was waiting for one with Low attack IV and all the rest maxed IVs.and I had to hatch these 100 or so to get one!now I have a perfect deino!

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Let's say you are breeding two 5IV deinos and one of them is holding a destiny knot (the other one is probably holding an everstone to pass down the nature). 5 out of the 6 IVs from the offspring will come from either of the parents. The 6th one will be randomly determined.

If both Deinos have the same perfect 5IVs, you have 1/6 chance for the parents' imperfect IV to be the random one (all other IVs coming from the parents and being perfect). If that occurs you have a 1/32 chance for that random IV to be perfect: 1/6 × 1/32 = 1/192 = 0.521%.

If both Deinos have different perfect 5IVs, you have 1/3 chance for the the offspring's random IV to be imperfect on one of the parents. Then, you have 1/2 chance for the offspring not to inherit the other imperfect IV. Finally, you have 1/32 chance for the random IV to be perfect: 1/2 × 1/3 × 1/32 = 0.521%.

Either way, your odds would be 1/192.

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