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I missed the first one and I was wondering what the chances of another event will be.

There were already two, you mustve missed both
Well, I really goofed it, eh?
I wish you the best of luck
A good way to keep up with events is to subscribe to the Youtube channel pokemon. It should say the official Pokemon channel.
No one really knows what future events will happen (though I'm expecting volcanion and the new Pokémon, if isnt a forme difference) so just check into sites like serebii and, like poke_fan_girl said, the official channel.
Yeah, you literally just missed one
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl931L1nyHo They just released a video about a shiny Rayquaza, check it out
That has nothing to do with this question though
True. But I'm just letting him know that there is a shiny Rayquaza event
Yeah I got the rayquaza.
Alright :)

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No one knows for sure whether another Diancie event would happen, since nothing of the sort was announced. The last event for Diancie ended pretty recently, on 27 July, so you barely missed it. Chances are the next event for Diancie won't happen in a long time now, since one just finished.
Sorry, but I would suggest you just get one from trade now.

Hope I helped!

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More people ask for Diancie then trade one:/