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Ok, so I was testing out random some random strategies and teams on Pokemon showdown when I realized: is Luxray holding a toxic orb with facade good?

Flame Orb > Toxic Orb imo, less residual damage per turn.
Actually, Toxic Orb > Flame Orb in most situations, considering that Luxray probably won't be staying in long enough for Toxic damage to surpass Burn damage.
Point proven.

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Yes, but it depends how long you stay in for.

If Luxray plans to stay on the field for a long time, give it the flame orb, because it does a fixed amount of damage to you in a single turn.
If Luxray plans to stay in for a short time, give it the toxic orb, because it will take away barely any of your health for the first few turns, which Luxray can stay in for.

Hope I helped!