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My friend and I are having a battle, but it is gen 4. I heard that he has a Blissy. All is other Pokemon I can take care of but this blissy may take some hard hits from my garchomp to take out. Is there an eay strategy other than taunting it?

Close Combat Gallade GG.

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Using Fighting or any physical move in general will do, but if you don't have anyone in your team with a physical move, then make sure that your other Pokemon are really fast and hit very hard. Try using Alakazam with Focus Blast. Also get a Weavile, as he has a really high attack stat and can learn Brick Break

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Missingno Lv. 110 said that the battle is for a gen 4 game, the move Psyshock wasn't introduced until gen 5, but you are still right about using strong physical moves in general.
My bad I didn't read the Gen 4 part :P
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Hit it with your strongest physical fighting type moves that any of your Pokémon might know, Blissy has an extremely low physical defense stat.