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They have low stats on attack. I am open to as many answers as possible.

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i name chansy NURSE JOY always

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100% Yes! Blissey and Chansey are the #1 and #2 special walls, respectively. They may lack in their attacking power, but their special walling capabilities are amazing. If you get the chance to get one, It is well worth it to train.

well i have 3 and counting but still
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Yup. They are. Just because they have low attack stats doesn't mean there no good. The opponent can spend hours trying to knock out chansey while chansey is paralysin' pokemon. As long as you have a chansey or blissey that will make YOU happy, that will answer your question.

I wish Blissey would actualy have good attack. If it did then he could be a sweeping tankish paralizing pokemon.
me 2 buddy
blissy can have over 700 hp! i saw it